Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Disintermediated Progressive Party

As many of you know, my current areas of research have dealt with contemporary political movements with an emphasis on progressive and populist activism. I've been exploring the online political left and its challenge to neo-liberalism within the Democratic party. "Progressive" has become the preferred label of the New New Left as it both references back to the early progressive movement and is not hampered by the negative right wing images of liberalism. I love this new ad, (there are actually several ads) which were created by the Center for American Progress and Moveon.org. There is an online vote, hosted by Moveon, which includes a citizen donation drive to get these ads on the air. The vote is being promote through blogads on various high profile political web journals around the virtual public sphere. This is a powerful example of how the new Progressive Left is using new technologies to create and disseminate messaging by bypassing the traditional channels of funding and communication. This ad is incredibly effective as it rebutts right-wing talking points and redefines patriotism within popular American leftist and progressive traditions.