Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Morning Music Cafe

Johnny Cash-I Walk The Line

performing at San Quentin Prison

I ran into Jan Gretlund earlier this week, he was screening "I Walk the Line" for his class on contemporary Southern writers, I presume. Any time's a good time for some Johnny Cash but I thought today was especially appropriate as I have been looking into the 2008 presidential candidates' narratives. John Edwards is tapping into two long standing narrative traditions in America, the Attorney fighting for justice and democracy through the legal system, and the disaffected Southern/rural white voice. I'll be writing something on this later, but for now just enjoy the music.

Ring of Fire

Bonus Track
Social Distortion performing Ring of Fire

Social Distortion made their mark in the early 80's growing out of the early American Punk Scene. There music might be classified as rockabilly punk. What's interesting from a cultural studies standpoint is that they represent the marginalized white working class male. Even though Social Distortion is from California, their image and the themes of their lyrics are very much Southern in origin.