Monday, January 29, 2007

Children Without a Country


"A man without a country," is what Judge Maryanne Trump Barry called the hapless stowaway, Salim Yassir, who was born in Palestine, exiled to Libya, and jailed in the USA. Four years after foiling Yassir's 2000 attempt to enter the USA, immigration authorities were still claiming they should keep him in jail while they looked for a country that would take him. But Judge Barry (the Donald's older sister) put an end to that legal purgatory in 2004 when she ruled that a man without a country has rights, too. Yassir could just as easily live outside jail while authorities pursued their executive agendas.
This is a heart-wrenching story of terrible human rights abuses taking place deep in the heart of Texas. Have a look here for a related article. What's almost as terrible is that these kinds of human rights abuses by the US State are common place, and no longer shocking. Democrocies don't imprison children and whole families?