Tuesday, January 09, 2007

American Schizo

Ian Welsh is the managing editor of one of my favorite American political and foreign affairs web journals. He never minces words to say the least. If you detect a hint of "anti-Americanism" I'd say you're off base. This Canadian is one of the most truly patriotic voices in American politics. I find his arguments if on the one hand passionate, on the other sensible, articulate, and thoughtful. I perhaps could have chosen something a bit more leveled to introduce Ian but hey, if you don't at least appreciate this piece, you won't really appreciate much else he writes. Ian says what many other American writers wish they could.  But do give him a read and visit the Agonist. Its part of my daily reading for news gathering and fresh political/social commentary.

America is damn near the most opaque nation in the world. I can predict what will happen in Africa, in Canada, in most Asian countries, far better than I can in the US, despite having grown up immersed in American culture.