Monday, December 04, 2006

Senator Lott Learns The Importance of Suing

This is a great article dealing with our last topic in Helle's U.S. Legal History class. The website is called, Tort Deform: the Civil Justice Defense Blog, whose mission is; "confronts and transcends the arguments put forth by the tort "reform" movement, working to ensure that all Americans can access the courts."

The issues surrounding tort reform and equal access to the courts are essential if one is to understand the "American" sense of social justice and welfare.  

Hopefully, this experience has also reminded Senator Lott of the job that most trial lawyers in this country do: they spend their days fighting insurance companies on behalf of average citizens. They do this because insurers routinely refuse to settle legitimate claims, or sometimes to even deal with injured people and their lawyers, forcing them into court.
Unfortunately, special interest business organizations have invested many millions of dollars not only to elect politicians but also to pollute jurors and the public, convincing them that most of these lawsuits are frivolous. They’re not. Nor has statistical evidence ever supported such a notion, most recently confirmed by the Harvard School of Public Health.