Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Dane is on his way to set a record in American Football

I just received an email from Helle Porsdam. You remember her, are professor from U.S. Legal History? She writes,

"I was wondering if you could possibly post this article on your website. I know it's in Danish, but the thing is that it's a good example of the kind of success story that we've been talking about in class. You guys all hated those stories, but still...!"

So here it is, just click on the link. It really is worth the read.

Morten Andersen kan i aften blive den mest scorende spiller i amerikansk fodbold. Bag rekorden ligger et minutiøst og perfektionistisk stykke arbejde.

Morten Andersen can become American Football's (NFL) all-time leading scorer this evening. Behind the record lies a precise and perfectionistic piece of work.