Monday, April 21, 2008

as|peers inaugural issue

As of 24. April 2008, the first issue of the new graduate journal aspeers is available online and in print. aspeers is Europe’s first and currently only peer-reviewed graduate journal in American Studies. The founding issue delivers a snapshot of American Studies work in European graduate programs. Its six academic papers are complemented by five creative contributions from around the world.

For more information on aspeers, please visit:
To access (and respond to) the inaugural issue, visit:

In the summer of 2008, aspeers will issue a new, topical call for papers for the 2 (2009) issue. Register online at today, to make sure you receive the call for papers by email.

My essay, "Don DeLillo and Society’s Reorientation to Time and Space: An Interpretation of Cosmopolis" was among those selected for the first issue.

If you are interested about how the journal came into being you can read the foreword, by Dr. Anne Koenen and Sebastian Herrmann here.

The idea to let a seminar publish a graduate journal stems from two major influences. First, Leipzig’s American Studies Program has traditionally searched for new and innovative ways to bring together research and learning...

Secondly, the so-called Bologna Process encourages European University programs to offer “Professional Skills Modules” in which students learn and practice skills related to their field of study. In 2007, the inauguration of the Institute’s new MA program thus offered the opportunity to try a new form of blending academic learning, skill development, and professionalization.

Working with the editorial team was a fantastic experience. I was more than pleased with both the academic and professional level of the entire process. I admit a degree of envy for not having had the opportunity myself to participate in what must have been an equally if not more rewarding experience for the editors.

As an "open source journal" all are welcome to visit and participate in a discussion on any of the journal entries. I welcome your feedback, comments and criticism.