Saturday, February 09, 2008

Running for President: Does Being Male Help?

First of all, I want to thank Stuart for inviting me to blog on the Atlantic Community.
As my profile reveals, my interests are American history, politics, and gender studies, and therefore it's only natural that the 2008 race has my undivided attention at the moment. Taking my MA thesis as my starting point, I'll give a small lecture titled "Running for President: Does Being Male help?" at the University of Souther Denmark (SDU) next Wednesday (February 13). This lecture will highlight how cultural norms and stereotyping have influenced American voters' behavior in the ballot boxes and why American voters, so far, have only elected men as presidents of the United States.
The 2008 race is a historical race and many Danes are interested in, and care about, who becomes the next president of the United States. For this reason, I have, together with my husband who studies political science at SDU, set up a homepage that explains the American electoral system in Danish.
I look forward to contributing to the AC and, again, thank Stuart for the opportunity.