Thursday, September 20, 2007

First MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue

"In another sign that the upcoming presidential election is truly the first of the digital age, MTV and MySpace are teaming up to present the first-ever presidential debate to feature real time, one-on-one dialogues between candidates and voters."

"The first hour-long town-hall style dialogue will take place on September 27 with former Sen. John Edwards in the early primary state of New Hampshire. MTV viewers and and MySpace users will be able to submit questions for the events through MySpaceIM, mobile devices and e-mail while they watch the live webcast. At the same time, online viewer reaction will be monitored through live polling on both and"

In the spirit of user-generated content, which is what's driving this new political format, I've uploaded this Youtube video which does a great job of highlighting the important points about the Myspace and Youtube forums.