Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Giuliani’s Tie to Texas Law Firm May Pose Risk

This from the NY Times:

Mr. Giuliani has drawn support from Texans who were notable donors to President Bush, including a former Enron president, Richard D. Kinder, and business executives who direct many of the nation’s oil, gas and energy producers.

That affiliation adds to Mr. Giuliani’s personal wealth but also could pose political risks for him. The firm is perhaps the nation’s most aggressive lobbyist for coal-fired power plants, heavy emitters of air pollutants and carbon dioxide, a gas associated with global warming. Environmentalists say the firm played a significant role in persuading the Bush administration to roll back major provisions of the Clean Air Act.
This will indeed pose "political risks" but I see this as a clear sign that Giuliani will win the Republican nomination. Forget what you hear about the "Christian Right" having problems with this guy. From the perspective of the Republican power elites, they've got their man; a broadly popular (and electable) candidate firmly committed to "old economy" industry and wealth.

About his law firm Bracewell & Giuliani

A new chapter in a 60-year history of global excellence began during 2005, as Bracewell & Patterson became Bracewell & Giuliani. Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani joined the firm as a name partner and brought his international reputation to its newly established New York office. With a presence in the world’s financial capitals of New York and London, at the heart of political and regulatory leadership in Washington, DC, throughout the important international energy and trade centers of Texas, and in the rapidly expanding economy of Kazakhstan, Bracewell is strategically positioned to serve the commercial law needs of its worldwide client base.