Monday, November 20, 2006

The United States of NATO?

Asian businessmen are probably the friendliest conquerors the world has ever seen. But despite the politeness and the smiles, Western governments must act quickly to combat the rise of China and Asia. The West should discuss an ambitious project: a European-American free-trade zone.

Gabor Steingart’s argument for a Trans-Atlantic free-trade zone may a bit to Huntingtonian but that shouldn’t discount the discourse.

The idea of a Trans-Atlantic free-trade zone is not new but it would be prudent if we started some serious and open discussion about such a prospect.

From a European perspective (if there really is one) what should such a European-American free-trade zone look like?  What would be required of the U.S. in particular?  Do you believe American and European values are such, that differences can be reconciled or should Europe, "go it alone"?

I encourage your comments.